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About me

Hi, my name is Mikyung Kim, and I've been practising yoga for over 11 years. Seven years ago, I began my journey as a yoga teacher, and now I'm bringing the benefits of Forrest Yoga to private yoga classes and group classes in Doha, Qatar. As a certified Forrest Yoga instructor, I have received over 200 hours of foundation teacher training with the creator of Forrest Yoga, Ana Forrest, as well as advanced teacher training and additional training in yoga therapeutics, prenatal yoga, and anatomy and physiology. I have also completed 42 hours of training in ceremony, meditation, and mindfulness with Jambo Troung, a Forrest Yoga Guardian, as well as 85 hours of prenatal vinyasa teacher training with Jennifer More at the Yoga Barn in Bali.

For those who may not be familiar with Forrest Yoga, it is a highly physical and internally focused style of yoga that emphasises breath, strength, and integrity. Developed by Ana Forrest in the 1980s, it is designed to help practitioners access and heal their emotional and physical bodies, as well as cultivate a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them. Through a combination of challenging poses, breathwork, and meditation, Forrest Yoga aims to help students tap into their inner wisdom and find greater freedom and joy in their lives.

In my yoga classes, I strive to create a safe and supportive environment where students can explore their practise at their own pace and find their own unique path to growth and self-discovery. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practising for years, I believe that Forrest Yoga has something to offer everyone. As a yoga instructor, it is my goal to help my students cultivate a strong and healthy mind, body, and spirit through the practise of yoga. Whether you are looking to improve your physical strength and flexibility, manage stress and anxiety, or simply find a sense of inner peace and calm, I believe that Forrest Yoga can be a powerful tool for personal transformation.

In addition to my work as a yoga teacher, I also offer yoga training, yoga retreats, and yoga certification opportunities for those who are interested in deepening their practise and becoming a yoga instructor themselves. I also host yoga workshops on a variety of topics, such as anatomy and physiology, meditation and mindfulness, and prenatal yoga.

As you consider starting or deepening your yoga practice, I encourage you to consider the many benefits of Forrest Yoga. With its focus on breath, strength, and integrity, it is a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery. Whether you are looking for group classes, private sessions, yoga training, retreats, certification, or workshops, I am here to support you on your yoga journey and help you find greater freedom, joy, and purpose in your life. Namaste.

My Training:

  • 204 Hours Forrest Yoga foundation teacher training with the creator of Forrest Yoga Ana Forrest (July 14-August 10, 2016)
  • 85 Hours Prenatal Vinyasa Teacher Training with Jennifer More at the Yoga Barn Bali (Nov 3-13 2016)
  • 70 Hours Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest
  • 14 Hours Foundation Yoga Therapeutics with Jambo Troung (Forrest Yoga Guardian)
  • 42 Hours of Ceremony, Meditation and Mindfulness training with Jambo Troung
  • 60 Hours of Yoga for Anatomy and Physiology Yoga with Jambo Troung
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Starting Yoga can be stressfull

Let me take the stress of that off your shoulders.You don’t need that! And if you are like me with two small kids, you won’t have the time for it either.

Let me come to you, no studio, no covid, no hassle. I can gently introduce you to yoga, be it for fitness, strength or peace of mind, and all for less than the cost of some classes in Qatar! Plus I come to you. Set your own times. After the school drop off? No problem. I'm free too! Weekend mornings, not a problem, the husband will look after the kids :)

Contact me today to see how yoga can gently transform your day-to-day life. If you are more advanced, and want to push yourself, let me push you! Let’s see how far your yoga journey can take you.

If you are searching for private Yoga in Doha Qatar I will tailor my class to you, this can be at your home, your clubhouse or your hotel room if you are on a Doha layover or stay-cation.
Which Studio?
No need to find a studio I'll come to you.
What Class?
Let me personally asses you then I'll tailor my class to your ability.
Will it be expensive?
My private classes are cheaper than some Doha studios classes, contact me to find out.

My Private Yoga Classes

I offer a selection of private yoga classes here in Doha tailored just for you.
Prenatal Yoga Class in Doha Qatar

Prenatal Yoga Classes

Pre-natal Yoga During your pregnancy will gently prepare your mind and body for the wonder of childbirth. Prenatal Yoga has been shown to have many benefits for you and your unborn child, they include:
Reducing Stress and Anxiety
Reducing Back Pain
Strengthening the muscles required for birth
Improving sleep
Improve your breathing ready for the day of birth
activefeetyoga post natal class

Postnatal Yoga Classes

Arguably more important that prenatal Yoga, post-natal yoga helps you get back into shape after birth.

Childbirth is tough on the body. I know! Get your body back in shape and strengthen that all important pelvic floor, with a gentle postnatal yoga class.
activfeetyoga via Zoom

Yoga Via Zoom

In this changed times you might not want someone in your home. Avoid that problem but keep up the exercise, lets connect via Zoom, Skype or teams
activefeetyoga beginners class

Beginner Yoga Classes

Not attempted Yoga before? Don't be shy! Start here, I’ll be gentle, try in the privacy of your own home and avoid the hassle of the studio.

activefeetyoga beginners class

Small Group Yoga Classes

Here's an Idea club together with friends spilt the cost of a private class. I'll come to your Villa or Clubhouse and teach a small group.

Your frequently asked Yoga  questions

What are the benefits of Yoga?
Practicing yoga has many physical benefits. For a start you will become more flexible! stick at it and you will start to become toned and the body will get stronger. You will improve your breathing, your energy levels will go up and you should see a rise in your metabolism. Yoga improves heart health, as well as your general fitness levels.

Feel uncomfortable on a Triathlon TT bike? Try Yoga! you will reduce that  pain and improve your posture.

Continued Yoga practice also benefits your mental health making you happier, more balanced and emotionally calmer. The deep breathing, an essential part of Yoga helps you relax bringing those stress levels down.

Some benefits you will see on day one, a release of physical tension, the body opening and muscles strengthening – the “feel good” factor that keeps people hooked on yoga. Other benefits depend on how much you practice and every person is different. But most people will feel a positive change after a few weeks, if not before.
How often should I practice yoga?
If you are starting out don't go crazy, twice a week will be enough, after a month you might feel you can increase this to three times a week. It depends how hard you want to push yourself.
Do I need to be flexible?
NO. It's a myth that people who are stiff and tight can't do yoga. Once you've practiced yoga for period of time you will gain flexibility along with many other benefits.
Can I practive yoga while pregnant?
Absolutely yes! I have classes dedicated to pre and post natal yoga. Many women first encounter yoga while pregnant for the myriad benefits it brings to the birthing process.
What is Forrest Yoga?
Ana Forrest derived her practice from some aspects of Sivananda yoga, along with attention to alignment and use of props found in Iyengar yoga, and the heat and flowing sequences of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. As the style evolved, she created a number of additional poses and sequences adapted to modern society,such as wrist stretches to prevent and relieve carpal tunnel syndrome. She also created shoulder shrugs to relieve tension and loosen the upper back, abdominal exercises to tone internal organs and strengthen the lower back, and some poses using a folded over and rolled up yoga mats.

Forrest Yoga classes are conducted in a warm room (85 °F, 29 °C)and begin with pranayama, then move through seated poses and abdominal muscle exercises before arriving at the "hot part" of the class that might involve sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, back-bends and other asanas that build up to the more challenging "apex" poses. The poses are sustained, intensively and contemplatively, sometimes for 10 deep breaths, sometimes for several minutes.

What do some of my clients think?


Feedback from my students

  • Hi Miky thank you for introducing me to forrest yoga and making a handstand so much more achievable than I ever imagined! Thoroughly enjoyed the session!
    Becky Nip
    Thank you so much for my first Forrest yoga session! It was absolutely incredible- I thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Natalie Abassi
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